Michigan City Messiah

A Brief History
The Michigan City Messiah has been a beloved tradition in the community for nearly 60 years. Founded by Music Director Emeritus Dan McNabb, this annual concert event has brought together talented musicians and singers to perform Handel’s Messiah for audiences of all ages.
Over the years, the Michigan City Messiah has evolved and grown, always staying true to its roots while adapting to the changing times. In recent years, the organization has taken a new direction under the leadership of Music Director Philip Bauman. Bauman has brought a fresh perspective to the group, infusing the music with new energy and passion.
One of the hallmarks of the Michigan City Messiah has always been its commitment to the community. The free concerts are “Our Gift to the Community” and serve as a way to bring people together to celebrate the holiday season. This spirit of generosity and goodwill is a testament to the organization’s dedication to the community and its people.
As the Michigan City Messiah looks to the future, it will continue to bring the joy of Handel’s Messiah to audiences for many years to come. Through the dedication of its musicians, singers, and volunteers, this beloved tradition will continue to thrive and inspire generations of music lovers.
Professional soloists, chamber orchestra and community chorus members bring the gospel to life, communicating it’s truth through the an unmatched dedication and commitment to the text and to Handel’s glorious music .

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