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Messiah Patron Program

Thank you to our many supporters who made our 2018 performance possible.
Without your support, Michigan City Messiah simply would not exist.

Special Thanks

  • Judith and Michael Sawyier
  • William and Dalia Wendt
  • Jerry Peters Memorial, Unity Foundation in memory of Jerry Peters

These gifts blessed our 2018 Messiah season in a very solid, reassuring way. MC Messiah Fund appreciates these and all gifts more than words can say.


($301 and above)

Applegate and Company CPA – In Honor of Our Clients
Katherine and Thomas McCormick – In Honor of our Children and Grandchildren & In Memory of our parents
Donna M. Mitchell – In Honor of the Casper and Steck families
Natalie and Ted Hellenga – In Honor of their children
The family of Bill Phelps – In Memory of Bill Phelps
Kathryn Parker – In Honor of her children


($201 – $300)

Deb and Win Bremer – In Memory of Sam and Skipper
Dan and Sarah McNabb – In Memory of our parents
David Schoon – In Memory of my parents and grandparents
Mark Daw – In Memory of Mrs. Meermans
Carroll Barkow – In Memory of Richard and Dorothy Cullom



Philip & Lee Bauman
Howard Brenneman
Ed Merrion
Laura Kittle
Donna Mitchell


($101 – 200)

Dale A. Schultz – In Memory of Carol Schultz
Michael W. and Jean D. Franke
Judy Ringo
Kelly and Jennifer Forsythe – In Memory of Robert and Grace Forsythe
Marjorie Larson


(Under $50)

The Dobie Family
Patricia Dolezal – In Honor of Dan and Sarah McNabb
Patty Mershon Schaefer – In Memory of Chuck Merson and Dick Schaefer
Will and Joan Brill
Laverne Hughes – In Memory of John C. Hughes
Kathi R. Jones – In Honor of Dan McNabb, our Conductor Laureate
Maggie Hultman
Jan Hosna



Constance McKeague – In Honor of Natalie Hellenga for her many years of
promoting M.C. Messiah
Tod and Gia Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chism
Donna and Susan Wiseman  – In memory of Charles Wiseman
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Brubaker
Daniel and Barbara Steinke – In memory of Joseph, Bonnie, and Stan Sharp
Pastor David Albertin “Soli deo gloria”
James and Marianne Davison – In Honor of First Responders to protect
Maxine, Kim and Michael Schwartz
and Kaye Engel – In Memory of Donald Schwartz
Kimberly Burnette
Marilyn and David Deardurff – In Memory of Bertha Pence
Dan Dresner
Daniel J. McNabb – In Memory of Bill Phelps
Brian and Meg Kanyer – In Honor of our Granddaughter, Norah Plooster
Shari Bohac – In Memory of James F. McGillivray
Greg Geyer – In Memory of Kaminski and Geyer Families
Carol Garrett – In Honor of her parents, Ralph and Mabel Anderson
Philip Farese
Don Nagdeman – In Memory of Marge Nagdeman

All Concerts Are Free

Therefore we rely heavily on the generosity of our patrons to defray expenses.

Michigan City Messiah, Inc.

a 501(c)(3) NFP

is supported through the generosity and support from the Indiana Arts Commission, South Shore Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.


Judith and Michael Sawyier

along with individual and corporate donations.

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