Patron Donations


Messiah Patron Program

Thank you to our many supporters who are donating to our 2020-2021 concerts.
Without your support, Michigan City Messiah simply would not exist.

Special Thanks – Judith and Michael Sawyier

These gifts are supporting our 2021 Messiah season in a very solid and reassuring way.
MC Messiah Fund appreciates these and all gifts more than words can say.


($301 and above)

Jennifer and Kelly Forsyth
Michael W. and Jean D. Franke
Donna M. Mitchell
Network for Good


($201 – $300)

Carol Loveless
Dan and Sarah McNabb
David L. Schoon



Mike and Kristyn Akert
Dr. Derek Bjonback
Tim Diemer
Catherine Fuller
Natalie J. Hellenga
Brian and Meg Kanyer
Krystal Levi
Carol Loveless
Hugh and Martha Martz
Dan McNabb
Sarah McNabb
Donna M. Mitchell
Judy Ringo
Roger and Beverly Rodeck
Dale A. Schultz


($101 – 200)

Michael and Connie Chism
Tim Diemer
Gregory Geyer
Brian & Meg Kanyer
Carol Loveless
Connie McKeague
Dan McNabb
Dale A. Schultz
Maxine Schwartz
Daniel C. and Barara Steinke



Howard D. Brenneman
Tod and Gia Callahan
Marilyn J. Deardurff
Catherine Slisher Donaldson
First Congregational Church of Michigan City
Carol Garrett
Janet Hosna
Maggie Hultman & Mindy Milan
Barbara Stodola
Patty and Mershon Schaefer


(Under $50)

John Baines
William & Christine Burdick
Frank Casorio
Marianne Davison
First Congregational Church of Michigan City
Louis Heller
Naomi R. Lyles
Deborah, Michael and Hannah Moore

All Concerts Are Free

Therefore we rely heavily on the generosity of our patrons to defray expenses.

Michigan City Messiah, Inc.

a 501(c)(3) NFP

is supported through the generosity and support from the Indiana Arts Commission, South Shore Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.

Judith and Michael Sawyier

along with individual and corporate donations.

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